Monday, May 19, 2008

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Secret of seccess your site is good SEO Marketing. The best way to get traffic is Search Engines Google, Yahoo, and others. SEO is the way wich help to get high position on SERP(search engine result pages). I will say you general SEO methods.
  • You must choose keyword and write site content around this keyword.
  • Your content must be unique, and it must be only on your site.
  • It is good when domain name is identical of main keyword.
  • Try to makes link with keywords. Fro example: use about-seo.html and don't use article1.html.
  • Use keywords in Title tags of you site's pages.
  • When you write article try to mention your keyword often, but no many times.
  • Make bold(< b >) with keyword in article.
  • Use alt atribute in < img > tags.
  • Don't use a lot of keywords in < h1 >...< h6 >, < title >,< a > tags, try to write there short and main keywords.
  • Remember that Search Engines cann't see text on images, so try to write text and make your site easy and simple.