Thursday, May 22, 2008

Arcade Site Marketing

Nowadays arcade sites is very popular. Peoples like to play this little games. There is very many arcade sites in Web and this is difficult to get success for your site. I will say you ways to increase traffic for your arcade.
Some arcade site's has very high traffic and there you find that every game does not on this site's host, they have included other site's pages. So on these sites is page Submit Game. You choose game which is not on this site and submit this game, but you must add link or banner of this site. If you send lot traffic chance to add your game will be high.
I have get from this way 6 000 UV in one day. I will publish short list of arcade sites where you can to Submit Games.

There are other way, you can exchange links with high traffic arcade sites, which have dynamic links and you must send high traffic and your link will be high position and you will get high traffic. I will make list of dynamic links arcade sites and post it.