Sunday, June 8, 2008

List of Dofollow Sites.

You know that link building is one of the most importent thing for SEM. You can get some backlinks with posting comment to other blogs. But some blogs are nofollow.
What is nofollow?
Some people are spamming blog comments with their comments and to avoid this there is atribute NOFOLLOW in HTML. If you want to protect your site from spam you can make links in comment nofollow.
<a href="" rel="nofollow">Anchor text</a>
rel='nofollow' - when search engine see this atribute it don't count it as backlink. But there is blogs which are Dofollow
What is Dofollow?
Dofollow links are links which are count as backlinks by search engine. When there is no atribute rel or there is atribute rel='dofollow' it means that link is dofollow and it is counting by search engine.

Here are list of dofollow blogs:

Can make big money online -
Compton SEO –
Communityspark -
Bull3t’s blog -
Computer Chit Chat -
Communityspark –
Daily SEO –
Chexed -
Writing Help -
A List SEO -
SEOptimise -
Webicy Blog -
Link Building Bible -
Tips and Tricks Fom Moms and Dads -
Acakadut - -
Daily SEO –
Imran Khalid -
Child Development -
Local SEO Guide -
Woman Start Your Business Now -
Home Based Business -
Review Blog -

if you have dofollow blog you can comment it and i will add it in list. My blog is Dofollow too.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nature - Free WP Theme

I found very nice theme on DP( and decide to show this for you:
Nature a green WP Theme features two columns layout with right sidebar,bottom menu and top menu . This theme has been tested in IE and Firefox. It's valid CSS , valid XHTML and widget ready. Free for download.

Live Demo Download

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Arcade Marketing 2

In this post i will explain how to get traffic from arcade site's which have dynamic links on them main page. You can see image, here is dynamic link system.

How does this work?
You trade link with these sites, you add them link on your home page and then they add your link on their links pages. There are a lot of links on their site, for example 100, but on main page there is only 40 link so if you want to be on main page you must send more traffic then other 60 site and your link will be on main page with number 40.

How do i exchange link quickly?
Some arcade has page submit link, add link or other and you can add links from there and there is also their link which you must add on your site, Some sites hasn't this form and you must email them. When webmaster show your link exchange request they check how many visitors get from your site, if visitors number is high your link will be added quickly. So you must send more traffic and you will get approve in short time.

How Get a lot of traffic with link exchange?
If your links position in dynamic links board will be good, you will get good traffic. Some arcade sites has more then 500 visitors online everytime and if your link will be in good position you will get very good traffic, but how get high position? Of course you must send a lot of traffic them, but how? I will learn secret of this.
It is very easy, choose 20 games whit good thumb and intresting title, and make in your main page TOP 20 Games. One game linked to, second game to other popular arcade site and your user will be happy to found good game and you will be happy to get more point on dynamic links board.

I make list of arcade sites which have dynamic links:

  1. - PR5

  2. - PR5

  3. - PR5

  4. - PR5

  5. - PR5

  6. - PR5

  7. - PR4

  8. - PR3

  9. - PR3

  10. - PR3

  11. - PR2

If you are arcade webmaster and your arcade has dynamic links post in comments and i will add your site in list.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Indexed by Goole in 24 hour

Now i will teach you how to getting listed in google in 24 hour, but first if you don't know what means "Index by Google", i will explain what does it mean.
You have a new site 1 day old, if you search in google your site google can't find it, because it is not index in google and if your site is not in google you can't get rank.

How I do to my site indexed by Google?
Many people for this use this form , but this is big mistake, if you use this submission you will indexed after 3-4 weeks. So don't forgot NEVER use this submission.

And what is the best way to indexed by google?
You must search sites which have theme of your site. This sites must have High PageRank 5 or 6, if it will be more this is better. Then find on these sites links pages(Friends, Resources, Links, etc.), if they have such pages find contact information and send them email about link exchange, you must compose interesting mail and they will agree to link exchange with your site. If you exchange links with PR5 your site will index in 2-3 days, but if you exchange with PR6 your site will be indexed bu google in 24 hour.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Arcade Site Marketing

Nowadays arcade sites is very popular. Peoples like to play this little games. There is very many arcade sites in Web and this is difficult to get success for your site. I will say you ways to increase traffic for your arcade.
Some arcade site's has very high traffic and there you find that every game does not on this site's host, they have included other site's pages. So on these sites is page Submit Game. You choose game which is not on this site and submit this game, but you must add link or banner of this site. If you send lot traffic chance to add your game will be high.
I have get from this way 6 000 UV in one day. I will publish short list of arcade sites where you can to Submit Games.

There are other way, you can exchange links with high traffic arcade sites, which have dynamic links and you must send high traffic and your link will be high position and you will get high traffic. I will make list of dynamic links arcade sites and post it.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Link Building tips

In this article i will talk about Link Building tips.
What is Link Building?
When you finish works on your site and you have already high quality web site, now you want to get traffic from search engine, but for this your site must indexed in this search engine, for this spiders or bots want to find your site, if your site's link is on many sites search engines will find your site quickly. So one of the most important way to get high rank in search engines is to make good Link Building marketing, i will say you ways to get backlinks(this means your site's link on other site).

  1. Submit site to Web Directories.
  2. Link exchange with other web sites, it is better if both site's theme is same.
  3. Social Bookmarking - StumbleUpon , Digg, and others.
  4. Article Submission.
  5. Post comments on dofollow blogs with your site url.

and there is some other ways, i will talk more about Link Building ways in next articles.

Monday, May 19, 2008

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Secret of seccess your site is good SEO Marketing. The best way to get traffic is Search Engines Google, Yahoo, and others. SEO is the way wich help to get high position on SERP(search engine result pages). I will say you general SEO methods.
  • You must choose keyword and write site content around this keyword.
  • Your content must be unique, and it must be only on your site.
  • It is good when domain name is identical of main keyword.
  • Try to makes link with keywords. Fro example: use about-seo.html and don't use article1.html.
  • Use keywords in Title tags of you site's pages.
  • When you write article try to mention your keyword often, but no many times.
  • Make bold(< b >) with keyword in article.
  • Use alt atribute in < img > tags.
  • Don't use a lot of keywords in < h1 >...< h6 >, < title >,< a > tags, try to write there short and main keywords.
  • Remember that Search Engines cann't see text on images, so try to write text and make your site easy and simple.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Meta Tags Optimization

In this post i will talk you about meta-tags optimization. When you decide to make SEO for you web page you must start with mega-tags. You should spend ten minute for this.
Google like when you have nice meta discription, wich are shown on SERP. So i will show you html code how to make this tags:

You can write a lot of key words and write intresting description, becouse when user search your site he read this description and if it will not intresting he don't open your site.
When you finish optimize your main page's meta-tags you also can to optimize sub page's meta-tags. It help sub-pages to find google them.

Free PR4 Directories List

Directory submission is the free and very good way of link building. If you submit your site to many high quality and SEO friendly directories you will get lot backlinks and high position in google. So here is list of high quality directories with PR4:
1. The Free Directory - submit
2. Homehost Directory - submit
3. YVIR Directory - submit
4. Directory Worm - submit
5. Oxxu Directory - submit
6. ESG Site Directory - submit
7. OPA Network - submit
8. Environmentpage Web Directory - submit
9. Micro Bicides - submit
10. XDSTL Directory - submit
11. - submit
12. Arakne Links - submit
13. URL Shack Web Directory - submit
14. Ub51 Web Directory - submit
15. Evil Directory - submit
16. Josh's Sanctum - submit
17. Gotartans Link Directory - submit
18. 3windex Exclusive Web Directory - submit
19. SEO Executive - submit
20.Professor SEO Directory - submit