Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Link Building tips

In this article i will talk about Link Building tips.
What is Link Building?
When you finish works on your site and you have already high quality web site, now you want to get traffic from search engine, but for this your site must indexed in this search engine, for this spiders or bots want to find your site, if your site's link is on many sites search engines will find your site quickly. So one of the most important way to get high rank in search engines is to make good Link Building marketing, i will say you ways to get backlinks(this means your site's link on other site).

  1. Submit site to Web Directories.
  2. Link exchange with other web sites, it is better if both site's theme is same.
  3. Social Bookmarking - StumbleUpon , Digg, and others.
  4. Article Submission.
  5. Post comments on dofollow blogs with your site url.

and there is some other ways, i will talk more about Link Building ways in next articles.