Sunday, May 25, 2008

Arcade Marketing 2

In this post i will explain how to get traffic from arcade site's which have dynamic links on them main page. You can see image, here is dynamic link system.

How does this work?
You trade link with these sites, you add them link on your home page and then they add your link on their links pages. There are a lot of links on their site, for example 100, but on main page there is only 40 link so if you want to be on main page you must send more traffic then other 60 site and your link will be on main page with number 40.

How do i exchange link quickly?
Some arcade has page submit link, add link or other and you can add links from there and there is also their link which you must add on your site, Some sites hasn't this form and you must email them. When webmaster show your link exchange request they check how many visitors get from your site, if visitors number is high your link will be added quickly. So you must send more traffic and you will get approve in short time.

How Get a lot of traffic with link exchange?
If your links position in dynamic links board will be good, you will get good traffic. Some arcade sites has more then 500 visitors online everytime and if your link will be in good position you will get very good traffic, but how get high position? Of course you must send a lot of traffic them, but how? I will learn secret of this.
It is very easy, choose 20 games whit good thumb and intresting title, and make in your main page TOP 20 Games. One game linked to, second game to other popular arcade site and your user will be happy to found good game and you will be happy to get more point on dynamic links board.

I make list of arcade sites which have dynamic links:

  1. - PR5

  2. - PR5

  3. - PR5

  4. - PR5

  5. - PR5

  6. - PR5

  7. - PR4

  8. - PR3

  9. - PR3

  10. - PR3

  11. - PR2

If you are arcade webmaster and your arcade has dynamic links post in comments and i will add your site in list.